Fiber Care

Too busy to deal with the hassles of monitoring your fiber network? Why get caught up in all those tangles when we can do all the dirty work for you.

Using Ntest’s solution, the world’s leading remote fiber test system, we offer you fiber network monitoring services with 24/7 coverage of surveillance and preparation of monthly report documentations.

Cost Effectiveness

You don’t need to spend on equipment purchases and installation costs when you outsource to Bold, which would significantly improve financial performance and eliminate unnecessary obstacles.

Time Saving

No extra manpower needed to monitor your fiber network. Bold NOC will fully monitor and perform updating works for you, 24/7.


With dedicated 24/7 support from Bold to monitor your fiber network, you will get accurate and immediate updates/notifications/consultations on your fiber network condition.

Consistency SLA Level

Outsourcing to Bold would facilitate in maintaining your SLA level, as continuous and consistent monitoring from our dedicated support team would ensure fast detection plus provide geolocation of any fiber faults. Degradation on your fiber network will be detected first-hand and you will be alerted instantly.

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Our Services

There is no need worrying about hiring and training people anymore, when we can offer you technology experts at your fingertips. Our selection of service packages ranging from Platinum, Gold and Silver are customised to accommodate your budget and requirement accordingly :

Items / Type Platinum Gold Silver
Coverage 24/7 9am-5pm (Mon-Sun) 9am-5pm(Mon-Fri)
Outside Plan Services (GPS Coordination) Google Only
Web Remote Access 1-5 Users 1-2 Users 1 Users
Alarm Escalation (SMS and Email)
Report Documentation Weekly + Monthly + Yearly Monthly + Yearly Monthly + Yearly Limited